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Family Finances | Ann Arbor MI | Petersmark Financial Network
Retirement Planning | Ann Arbor MI | Petersmark Financial Network

Welcome to PFN



Independently Driven

Financial Planning To Help You Accomplish Your Long-Term Goals

Discover What Sets Us Apart

Applying a Deep Understanding

To Your Unique Circumstances

For over 28 years, we have proudly served clients in Illinois, Michigan and beyond. As a firm, our commitment is to provide a client-centered experience that focuses on education and empowerment. By teaching you about the financial market and our principled fiduciary approach, you can feel confident in your ability to make sound decisions that will benefit you and your loved ones in the long run.

Whether you’re a family with general questions or a professional athlete navigating additional complexities, our PFN planning process is unique to your life and goals - every step of the way. 

Couple Making Financial Plans | Ann Arbor MI | Petersmark Financial Network

Your Trust Is Your Most Valuable Asset

At PFN, We Will Always Treat It As Such

We are dedicated to your financial success and helping you accomplish the goals you have in mind. Through open and direct communication, we seek to earn your trust and ultimately determine what strategies are right for you.

Learn About Who We Work With

A Knowledgeable Team Committed to Helping You Pursue Your Dreams

Meet Your Team at PFN

Brett Petersmark Photo

Brett Petersmark

Founder and President
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Brett Petersmark

Founder and President

P: (734) 372-7191

F: (734) 372-7190

E: brett.petersmark@lpl.com

As the Founder and President of Petersmark Financial Network, LTD. I work with individuals and families to help them visualize their goals and structure strategies to work toward them. I’m a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and have worked in the financial industry since 1992. Financial planning drew my attention as a career because it allowed me to follow my goal to help others and make a difference in their lives. I provide comprehensive strategies and completely personalized advice using the education and experience that qualifies me to handle a person’s financial situation.

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two grown children. I’m also often playing golf, tennis or traveling. As a former NFL player, I am a member of the NFL Alumni Association and have served as treasurer for the Detroit Chapter of the NFL Alumni. I was inducted into the Eastern Michigan University Hall of Fame in 2014 and have served as President of the E-Gridiron Group at my alma mater, EMU. I’ve also been involved in my community as a coach for the Saline High School's varsity football team.

Katie Graves Photo

Katie Graves

Executive Assistant
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Katie Graves

Executive Assistant

P: (734) 372-7191

F: (734) 372-7190

E: kathleen.graves@lpl.com

Since 2013, I’ve worked as an Executive Assistant with Petersmark Financial Network, LTD. Within my role, I’m responsible for compiling and organizing the data for our client’s comprehensive financial analysis. I’m also very involved in annual review meetings with our clients, as well as being engaged in daily client services and office management.  

I graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. After graduating, I spent 12 years in project management for Mazda working as liaison for Mazda with Ford on their joint venture programs, before temporarily retiring to raise my children. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two children. I also volunteer regularly at our church and in the community, travel, play tennis and read. 

Courtney Petersmark Photo

Courtney Petersmark

Client Services Assistant
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Courtney Petersmark

Client Services Assistant

P: (734) 372-7191

F: (734) 372-7190

E: courtney.petersmark@lpl.com

I began working with Petersmark Financial Network, LTD. as an intern in 2018. Upon graduating from the University of Michigan, I spent two years in sales at Oracle in Boston, MA before deciding to work toward becoming a financial planner. 

Having now completed my internship, I work as the Client Services Assistant for PFN while I study for my licenses. Within my role, I provide support to our executive assistants, as well as a second point of contact for clients. I also attend client meetings with Brett. 

Now that I’m back in Michigan, I’m spending more time with my family, playing volleyball, traveling and baking. Having journeyed to the Mediterranean and Baltic, I’d like to expand my travels into Northern Europe’s coastal countries. I’m also a former Black Belt and was ranked 4th in the nation in 2014 for the female middleweight division. 

Justin Petersmark Photo

Justin Petersmark

Client Service Associate
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Justin Petersmark

Client Service Associate

P: (734) 372-7191

F: (734) 372-7190

E: justin.petersmark@lpl.com

I am a recent graduate from the University of Michigan, with a bachelor's degree in Communications.   After graduating in 2020, I spent a year doing business-to-business sales for an international company, learning valuable skills regarding client relationship management and schedule flexibility, as well as becoming accustomed to setting client meetings and travelling for business.  However, I soon realized that my interest was helping people at a more personal level.

To do this, I am working to complete my licensing to become a registered financial advisor, like my father Brett, and work to help people plan for their best life.  In the meantime, I am working to help on the administrative side of Petersmark Financial – scheduling, reporting, and handling client requests alongside Katie and Courtney.

I am driven to be a high achiever.  I enjoy doing activities that push me to improve myself and foster discipline; I’m a frequent gym-goer and I love to read authors ranging from Stephen King to Zig Ziglar. I take pride in working to meet others halfway and understand their point of view, with a history of world travel and cultural experience from around the globe.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jordan Dinsmore Photo

Jordan Dinsmore

VP of CFO Solutions
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Jordan Dinsmore

VP of CFO Solutions

Jordan began his career working for a financing firm in San Diego which specialized in PIPE funding and secondary offerings. He then transitioned to UPS where he worked as an Industrial Engineer and was responsible for a variety of business management functions for the Southern California Division. Since joining LPL in 2010, Jordan has held positions in Service, Operations, Institutional Onboarding, Analytics, and Compliance.  As a member of LPL’s Strategy Group, he provides personalized analysis and guidance in support of PFN’s business plan.

Jordan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance, as well as an MBA, from San Diego State University.

Jordan is a native of San Diego, California and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife, two daughters, and dog.

*Mr. Dinsmore is an LPL employee and is part of the Business Strategy Solutions program that supports multiple advisor’s businesses, including Petersmark Financial Network.

Tamara Coffey Photo

Tamara Coffey

Administrative Solutions Consultant
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Tamara Coffey acts as Administrative Consultant for the Petersmark Financial Network. She spent 10 years in the Non Profit sector before shifting careers to Finance. She joined LPL in 2015 and shortly after joined LPL Business Solutions, a service that provides industry-trained professionals who work with advisors to simplify and streamline their operations and practices. She attended Liberty University and majored in Business Management with a focus in Leadership.

Tamara lives in Charlotte and considers it home, while holding Washington, D.C. in her heart, having lived there for several years.

In her free time, Tamara enjoys reading, traveling, and discovering new restaurants and cuisines.

*Ms. Coffey is an LPL employee and is part of the Business Solutions program that supports multiple advisor's businesses, including Petersmark Financial Network, LTD.

Experience a Hands-On Approach to Financial Guidance

No Matter Your Stage in Life, It All Starts With Building a Solid Plan

As your team of financial professionals, we aim to develop an efficient path within your comfort level. Life often gets in the way of our focus on finances among other priorities, but we do everything in our power to help you focus on where you want to go.

Financial Plan and Graph | Ann Arbor, MI | Petersmark Financial Network

Our PFN Planning Process


Step One:

Examine and Understand Your Current Financial Situation


Step two:

Educate and Discuss Your Risk Number


Step three:

Develop Your Financial Goals


Step four:

Complete an Analysis


Step five:

Discuss and Review Your Gaps


Step six:

Provide Recommendations


Step seven:



Step eight:

Review and Update

Now Is the Time To Take Steps Toward Building the Life You Want

Increasing your financial security empowers you to live the way you want and provides the confidence you need to enjoy every moment to the fullest. As a fiduciary, we’ll prioritize your needs throughout our planning process so that you can feel resolute in your decision making moving forward.

Whether you are new to financial planning and want to learn more, interested in taking action to build your financial plan, or are an investor looking to get help in managing your accounts, PFN offers solutions for all your financial planning needs.

Let’s Get Started

What Does It Mean To Work With PFN?

Providing a New Perspective To Guide You to Success

At PFN, we believe it’s critical to address every element of your financial picture. As a result, we offer a wide range of services that come together in one comprehensive plan. By discovering what your goals and/or financial gaps are, we’ll tailor a strategy to meet your long-term needs. 

Retirement Lifestyle | Ann Arbor, MI | Petersmark Financial Network

Our Client-Focused

Solutions Include:

Planning for a Work Optional Lifestyle

Design an investment strategy positioning you on a path to your retirement goals.

Managing Your Investments

Diversification and professional management of your portfolio.

College Planning

Long-term planning to ensure you are ready when your children are.

Tax-Advantaged Investing

Reduce your tax liability and let your hard-earned money work for you.

Estate Planning

Develop a plan for preserving your wealth from generation to generation.

Annual Portfolio Review

Review your current holdings and help you make any necessary adjustments.

Charitable Giving

Define and clarify your philanthropic goals while structuring and implementing a plan.

Transparent Costs & Conversations

While our services are typically suited for clients with more than $250K, we are open to working with those that are seeking financial education and long-term success. The details of our fees are discussed in our initial meeting and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have in helping your family and future generations thrive. 

Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

Helping you to understand where your risk number lies gives us valuable information to build an allocation that will get you on track. This also provides us with key information to plan the fundamental steps for your investments and financial future.

What Is Your Risk Number?

Consider Us Your First Point

Of Financial & Educational Contact

When it comes to finances, you want to work with someone who is reliable, confident and knowledgeable in the services provided. That’s why we believe in taking strategic action based on your circumstances and the particular goals you have in mind. With a team-based approach, we focus on providing recommendations in your best interest that ultimately aid in your financial and personal success. 

No matter your stage in life, we work to align your entire financial picture under one roof.

We Work Well With a Number of Individuals Including:

Individuals and Families

You’re seeking a tailored service that begins and ends with the needs of yourself and your loved ones.


Discover what it will take to achieve a “work optional” lifestyle and achieve the objectives you have in mind.

Professional Athletes

We have the experience and know-how to address your challenges, questions and concerns with a concierge approach.

Ready to Get Started? Connect With PFN Today.

Working With You Wherever You Feel Supported

With a virtual-based planning model, we meet with clients by phone, virtually (via Zoom or Skype) or in person if you’re in the Ann Arbor or Chicago regions. 

Michigan Office

2395 Oak Valley Dr., Suite 120

Ann Arbor, MI 48103


(734) 372-7191


(734) 372-7190



Our dedication is based on a commitment to get to know you and create a tailored path to success.

Get started today! Give us a call or fill out the form below.

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