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Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid as 1st Time Home Buyer

Purchasing your first home is an exciting milestone, but it's crucial to approach it with caution and a clear understanding of the potential pitfalls. Recent studies have shown that a staggering 90% of first-time homebuyers have regrets after making their purchase.

3 Ways Planning For Retirement is Like Planning For Summer Break

For kids, teens, and college students, summer break often represents freedom from schedules, responsibilities, and all those other drains on your time. Retirement actually can provide a similar level of freedom, but only if you've adequately prepared, planned, and saved. Below, we discuss three ways that planning ahead for your retirement can be like scheduling your summer.

The Quest for Perfection: Baseball and Investing

Achieving perfection in any field is a remarkable feat, requiring a combination of skill, talent, focus, and a touch of luck. In the world of Major League Baseball, one of the rarest and most elusive accomplishments for a pitcher is throwing a perfect game.

The High Cost of Saying I Do – On the Parents

It's no secret that weddings have always been significant investments, often requiring months, if not years, of saving and planning. However, in recent times, the escalating costs associated with this joyous occasion have raised an eyebrow or two, particularly among parents of the bride and groom.

How Much of Your Income Should You Save? Thumbnail

How Much of Your Income Should You Save?

Saving money is a fundamental aspect of personal finance that can significantly impact your financial security and future goals. However, determining the ideal amount to put away isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation.

Assessing Your Retirement Preparedness in the Modern Age Thumbnail

Assessing Your Retirement Preparedness in the Modern Age

Did you know, according to CNBC, more Americans are expected to turn 65 through 2027 than at any other time in history? This rapid population increase of older adults is often called the “Silver or Gray Tsunami,” though many new retirees are experiencing what could be viewed as more a tsunami of worry than anything they could have expected.

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