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What Older Workers Should Know About Working in Their 60s Thumbnail

What Older Workers Should Know About Working in Their 60s

Some older workers return to the workforce or continue to work well past retirement age. Workers over 50 may change jobs while working in the same occupation or field later in life to continue their careers for longer. Working while in your 60s may come with some challenges, especially if you are changing jobs or rejoining the workforce. Here are a few things to consider about working as you enter your 60s.

You May Work for Less Yet Enjoy It More

If you change jobs when you are over 60 or return to the workforce, you may make less than you did before due to limitations for the type of work you might do. Though working for less may not be appealing, many workers over 60 enjoy their work more, especially if they return to work. Even though the pay may be less, the reward might be more significant.1

Adding New Skills Helps Your Journey

Technology changes rapidly. After working for decades, you may notice that it might be hard to keep up-to-date. To stay ahead of the game and make yourself a valuable employee, you must continue learning and adding new skills to your arsenal. Consider taking continuing education classes and take advantage of every opportunity you find to add to your skill set.1

Consider What Benefits Are Most Important to You

As you get older, your wants and needs regarding employee benefits may change. For some over 60, health insurance is vital, while others who already have other coverage may find time off essential. Before accepting a new job, determine which benefits are most critical to your needs. Ensure that the new position offers what you need or that benefits are negotiable.2

Look for Companies That Have a Commitment to Older Workers

While no company is able to discriminate by age, some companies are more supportive of older workers than others. You may want to start your job search by checking out resources for older workers, such as the AARP Employer Pledge program, which lists companies with a solid track record supporting more senior workers.2

Working into your 60s may seem challenging, especially if you are changing jobs or starting in a new industry for the first time. Yet, for many older workers, employment over 60 is quite fulfilling. It also helps provide a little more savings so that you may enjoy your retirement a bit more when it eventually comes.

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